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Vindu Dara Singh to do a cameo in Mrs Kaushik

Vindu Dara Singh recently made headlines for being part of Life OK's Welcome Baazi Mehman Nawazi Ki and also for his tie up with Sunil Agnihotri as a producer for few episodes of Savdhaan India.

Now, the actor has once again managed to be in the news as he is all set to do a cameo in Zee TV's Mrs. KaushikKiPaanchBahuein. Sources inform, "Vindu has been finalized to essay a don brother of 5 sisters. He is the one who wants Kaushik's son to get married to his unmarried sisters as he thinks the family is a perfect match for his beloved sisters. This particular track will go on floors from next week."
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A lie killed my love story: Vindu Dara Singh

The age of 16 is the first time you enter college and there so many things you want to do as you have suddenly got the freedom - especially going out with girls.

There is a very funny memory as there was this girl in my college who was the most amazing looking and beautiful, and all the boys longed for her to smile at them once at least, but she never would.
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Vindu Dara Singh to produce Savdhaan India

The rocking Vindu Dara Singh leaves no stone to be in the limelight. Recently he was in the news for being part of Life OK's cookery show Welcome:Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki and it seems that the actor has decided to join the channel as a producer.

Sources inform that Vindu Dara Singh will be producing a series of episodes for Savdhaan India-India Fights Back. Vindu will co produce with one of the current existing producers, who produce for Savdhaan India.
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I like to work with people I know: Vindu Dara Singh

Familiarity with the cast and crew is important for Vindu Dara Singh who confesses that he likes to work with people he is on good terms with.

"I like to work with my friends. I can't work with people who push me into doing something. I like to work at my own pace. I don't trouble people and don't want people to trouble me," Vindu told IANS on phone from Mumbai.
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After Son Of Sardaar, people will write roles for me: Vindu Dara Singh

Vindu Dara Singh describes Son of Sardaar as his best project so far and is confident that after watching the comedy people will pen down roles specially for him. He thanks Ajay Devgn for the project.

"Ajay Devgn is a friend of mine and we know each other since we were children. I would always tell him, 'Ajay when is my movie (happening)?'. And he would say, 'I'll give you a movie that deserves Vindu.' And he really did that. It was last Diwali when he said that you are doing a movie for me and he made me do this," the 48-year-old said here Tuesday in an interview.
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'Bigg Boss' is my favourite TV serial: Vindu Dara Singh

Virender Singh Randhawa aka Vindu Dara Singh has been around for long and has been seen in many serials like 'Jai Maa Vaishano Devi, Betal Pachisi, Jai Ganesha, Chandramukhi and films like Son of Sardar, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Kambakkht Ishq, Housefull-2 and Joker but Big Boss made him a household name. Here is a quick chat with the actor.
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An Indian sense of being

Blending tradition and modernity, Dara Singh represented the nation's collective consciousness

Dara Singh was more than a film star. He was a piece of folklore and he became a sociological phenomenon. He cannot be seen merely as a fact of autobiography, a curriculum vitae of achievements, a composite of 148 films and some legendary TV performances. He has to be seen as a hybrid of myth and folklore, of archetype and stereotype. He was an individual who stoked a collective consciousness, as a larger than life evocation of the desi hero.
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Stars, fans say goodbye to Dara Singh

Fans arrived in large numbers to bid goodbye to wrestler-actor Dara Singh, who passed away early this morning. He was cremated at the Pawan Hans crematorium in Juhu, a western suburb in Mumbai.

A truck decorated with flowers carried the body from his home, Dara Villa in Juhu, to the crematorium. Fans shouted slogans like 'Dara Singh Amar Rahe' and 'Bolo Pawan Putra Hanuman Ki Jai' when his body was brought to the crematorium, paying tribute to Dara Singh's most popular character Hanuman in the television serial Ramayana and, later, the Mahabharat.
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Dara Singh: A Life In Pictures

Dara Singh, who passed away early this morning, lived a full and eventful life, as he aced in wrestling, films and television. Here's looking at snapshots taken from various stages in the late veteran's life. A brawny youngster, Dara Singh towered at 6 feet 2 inches and was encouraged to take up wrestling professionally early on.
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Shahrukh, Amitabh, Abhishek pay tribute to Dara Singh

Dara Singh lost his battle against death on Thursday morning. The veteran actor-wrestler breathed his last at 7.30 am at his Mumbai residence, in the presence of his family and close friends. Dara Singh was 84. His son actor Vindu Dara Singh announced the news of his death. Bollywood actors and directors mourned the demise of the Rustam-e-Hind, Dara Singh, and paid tribute to him on Twitter.

Wrestlers r made of sweat,determination & a hard to find alloy called guts...most apt for Dara Singhji our very own Superman.Will miss u sir

Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan
Dara Singh ji passed away this morning. A great Indian and one of the finest humans..An entire era of his celebrated presence gone !
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Dara Singh: Champion wrestler turned Bollywood star

Dara Singh, who has died aged 83, was a champion wrestler turned Bollywood star who became famous for his depiction of the monkey god Hanuman in the hugely popular Indian television series Ramayan, an adaptation of the Hindu epic the Ramayana.

The Ramayana, one of the two great epics of India (the other being the Mahabharata), tells the story of Rama, Prince of Ayodhya (an incarnation of the God Vishnu) and his quest to rescue his beautiful wife Sita (an incarnation of the goddess Laxmi) after she is abducted by the evil 10-headed Ravana from Lanka (modern-day Sri Lanka). Rama gathers an army of monkeys to search for her and together they track down Ravana, kill him and rescue Sita. The couple's triumphant return to Ayodhya marks the beginning of a Golden Age for mankind. Hanuman is the resourceful monkey general who helps Rama defeat Ravana and rescue Sita. With the elephant deity Ganesh, he is one of Hinduism's best-loved gods.
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Accountability By Vindu Dara Singh

The Bomb-bay bomb blasts have upset all of us and we keep thinking how we bring an end to this growing menace. We blame the police, state government, Center Government and that is all that we taxpaying citizens can actually do. Any such attack or scam incident in India is followed by lots of news coverage by all the networks, followed by lots of debates and mobile messages, followed by a candle march in various places and eventually forgotten till the next big blast.

Vindu Dara Singh in Zor Ka Jhatka Total Wipeout

Vindu Dara Singh is one of the contestant of Shahrukh Khan Upcoming Reality show on Imagine.

TOUGHGUY - Vindu Dara Singh on Cover of Health Magazine November 2010

With a wrestling legend and character actor for a father, it was only natural that Vindu Dara Singh should see one of these professions as his ultimate calling. He Plumped what he thought was "the soft option" - the silver screen. But the trade-off didn't allow Vindu to escape life's thorny challenges. For Several years Dara Singh's scion grappled with problems that sorely tested his fighting spirit. Like an acting career that refused to take off, a failed marriage, the mantle of fatherhood before he was ready to accept it, and more.

Sports enriched my body, while Bigg Boss tested and refreshed my mind and spirit

My fitness and winning spree started early in life – from sports medals in school and college to winning Bigg Boss 3. All this I managed to do because of my genes and love for competitions. However, playing sports – cricket, football, hockey and swimming made me a jack of all but master of none. While sports enriched my body, the circumstances faced in Bigg Boss tested and refreshed my mind and spirit

Punjabi Tadka For Vindu

Bigg Boss winner, Vindu Dara Singh, who is known for his Punjabi genes, has gone back to his roots & just returned from Punjab after his shoot for his forthcoming film directed by Guddu Dhanoa. Sources from the set reveal that Vindu has given a fabulous performance and was completely charged up especially being welcomed by Punjab as the son of the soil.

Vindu as Animated Hanumanji

Vindu dara singh who became famous after his Bigg Boss 3 win, facing all the odds, and a little more famous after the chak dhoom dhoom incident, will soon be entering the hearts of children. He has just dubbed for a 25 crore animation film - Luva Khush - View Image

अक्षय की विंदु को सलाह

दोस्त हो तो अक्षय कुमार जैसा। अक्की की बदौलत ही दारा सिंह के बेटे विंदु का कॅरियर परवान चढ़ रहा है। इसमें अक्षय की सलाहें भी काम आ रही हैं। बताते हैं कि अक्षय की बदौलत ही विंदु को बिग बॉस-3 मिला और वो उसके विजेता भी बन बैठे। अक्षय की बदौलत ही उन्हें कम्बख्त इश्क और हाउसफुल जैसी फिल्में मिलीं और अब तीसरी बार अनीज बज्मी की पिफल्म थैंकयू में अक्की के ही साथ नजर आएंगे।

The Bigg Boss is here to judge you!

Looks like Vindu Dara Singh is not done with television just yet.The winner of the third season of television reality show Bigg Boss is now ready to judge a dance reality show, Chak Dhoom Dhoom on Colors. According to reports, the show will replace Abhishek Bachchan's National Bingo Night though nothing is finalised as yet.

Vindu Dara Singh as 'Funk-Key' in 'Pepsi The Game Level 2

The very name of Dara Singh brings all vivid memories of Lord Hanuman in the epic serial Ramayan, that not just revolutionized but also evolutionized the idiot box into a smart one! Continuing this 'legacy' was his son, Vindu Dara Singh, who also donned many an avatars and went onto entertain the audiences from 6-60! These avatars ranged from playing Lord Hanuman till the recent reality show 'Bigg Boss', in which he emerged as a clear winner! Well, if that wasn't enough, Vindu can now be seen as a tiny gaming character in the second level of 'Pepsi The Game' that will premier on the TV screens tomorrow

Vindu wants to play villian

Film and television actor Vindu Dara Singh, who is basking in the glory of winning the third season of reality show 'Bigg Boss', wants to go back to playing the villain on the silver screen. The 45-year-old actor, who has played the bad guy in a number of films like 'Mujhse Shaadi Karogi' and 'Kambakkht Ishq', wishes that more intense negative roles are offered to him.

GM gifts Chevrolet Cruze to Vindu Dara Singh

General Motors India recently handed over a brand new Chevrolet Cruze to Vindu Dara Singh son of legendary wrestler Dara Singh, winner of the 'Bigg Boss Contest' at a function held in Mumbai. The house mates of the reality show Bigg Boss 3 had the opportunity to win the Chevrolet Cruze, for being the most bold and stylish contestant.

Lights, Camera, Action

Dara Studios in Mohali is in action mode. Cameras are being set up, there's a blanket cover of wires on the floor, spot boys run errands with nervous delight, assistants bark orders while the director works on his next angle. Amidst all this activity, Vindu Dara Singh takes time out, pulls a chair and is game for a quick interview. The last couple of months has been a rollercoaster for Singh, post the win at the reality show Bigg Boss. He has been flitting between film projects and the TV dance show Chak Dhoom Dhoom for which he is a judge, and Singh seems glad for it.

When children are dancing they are special

Fans of the reality show Big Boss will recognize Vindu Dara Singh from Season 3 where he survived 84 days in the house and emerged the winner! Besides taking on reality television, Vindu is also an actor. You might have seen him on other television shows including playing Lord Hanuman in the TV serial Jai Shri Hanuman. Plus, he has made appearances in some films. He made quite the impression in a song in Kambakht Ishq, but I will let him tell you about that.

Budget woes for Vindu Dara Singh!

Here's just what Vindu Dara Singh wouldn't have expected in the wake of the recently announced budget. While most consumers are brooding over the fuel price hike, Vindu tells us his first wife Farah's (Tabu's sister) recent demand. "Yes, she too wants a raise in the money that I give her every month. And I said, 'Don't worry.'" Coming back to the budget, he said, "Petrol toh mehenga hota ja raha hai, hota ja raha hai, hota ja raha hai. Inflation toh yeh log kum kar hi nahin pa rahe."

There is scope in big banner movies for actors like me

Actor Vindu Dara Singh, who shot to fame after winning reality shot 'Bigg Boss', feels even a miniscule role, for an actor like him, in big banner movies brings in recognition. "I feel in big banner movies that has big star cast, there is a scope for an actor like me. Even though the actors are in limelight, a small role also plays an essential part of the movie," the 45-year-old actor said.