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The Bomb-bay bomb blasts have upset all of us and we keep thinking how we bring an end to this growing menace. We blame the police, state government, Center Government and that is all that we taxpaying citizens can actually do. Any such attack or scam incident in India is followed by lots of news coverage by all the networks, followed by lots of debates and mobile messages, followed by a candle march in various places and eventually forgotten till the next big blast. I have also thought about this a lot like the rest of us and feel that if we put our mind to it we can overcome this. The Government keeps finding quick fix solutions to it which will never work because finding a terror suspect in the crowded streets of Mumbai is like finding a needle from a haystack.

We will have to start a huge process of accountability which will be hard but shall get rid of lots of problems in our system and eventually we will come out victorious. A Passport kind of document has to be developed and given to each and every citizen of the country with a number which will be their Identity number, we can start off by giving it to everyone who attains the age of 18 and above and you cannot get any employment unless you have that document. It has to be unique and cannot be sold under corruption or duplicated. It has to be online and every employer will have to give a reason as to why he has removed the employee so the people know that it is like a report card and if you rob or cheat it will be hard to get your next job. The employer has to sign the document and date since the person began the job till the date when they left the job with the reason and how good and effective the person was at work, in case an employer hires a person without asking for the number and details he to will be held responsible and guilty. Nepali's and Bangladeshi's will get a different document as they enter because no job is possible without it and any policeman can ask for your ID number and we must all be have it memorized and he can put it in his computer and our record will pop up with date and place of birth, picture etc. A common domestic servant to will be easy to employ without any police verification cause all records will be online. I know this process is hard but It is necessary so that all documents like a voters card, Ration Card, Pan Card will not be needed then and I think if all the offices in the country can just be giving this one document to each and every citizen and uploading the information on the net it will be easily possible. Until this happens you can keep trying to find that one person out of 120 Crores and fail most of the time. Also I request the Government to hang Ajmal Kasab so that the other terrorists know that if they get caught they will be hanged publicly before another Kandahar kind of incident makes us set him free.

Please give a private contract to a surveillance company to put all the metros under CCTV entirely with every nook and corner linked and I would not mind if the 2G scam accused are given bail if they pay for the entire process of CCTV covering all the metros and major cities fine them the entire amount and give them bail and I am sure they would be willing and ready with this offer.

Mumbai has just a few entry points so please get huge machines that can X ray the entire vehicles and trucks that enter through these points as it is not possible for a nakabandi to ever stop guns and bombs. Sanjay Sharma Raj (P.R.O.)